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currently doing the color pallette challenge and the kissing challenge, please check out the #nonart tag for more information!

Hello. My name is Mello.

This is my very random
Persona 3 & 4
fanart blog.

Expect lots of derpy fanart.

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here you go my dear!! man i love purpleish color schemes so much, purple is my favourite color too and this was just too much fun alskdjhf t-thank you so much for requesting dearie! * V * i hope its to your liking!!! 

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i bet 1000000 bucks nerd nerd has a beautiful body under those pretty clothes.

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omf this palette was hard too www THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REQUESTING YOSUKE THO, ANON, I LOVE YOSUKE SO MUCH GHHGHGHG <33333 I hope you like it dearie ; V ; //smooches u

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HHHHH MORE VELVET BABIESS <3 sorry I just love them so much. gosh this palette was so much FUN. I’m sorry I didn’t draw Yukari, I just dont… like her too much ..g…h….//BREATHES HEAVILY;;; THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REQUESTING CHECKU BBY and i hope its to your likingggggg!!! * V * 

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Ok I’m really not sure if I did this right — I-I figured I should draw a humanoid version of Koromaru right? //SLAPPED SORRY IM JUST TOO DERP alksjhf b-but here you go anon, I hope it’s fine ; v ; IM SORRY IF I MESSED UP HHH ROLLS AROUND

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here you go anonnnnn e v e I’m sorry for taking so long! I’ve been swamped with work for my RP group on dA www BUT IM GOING TO WORK ON ALL YOUR COLOR REQUESTS dw dw/cries also thank you so much for requesting, i hope its to your liking dearie!! * V * 

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Anonymous asked: IT IS BETTER THAN PERFECT! IT IS ULTRA-PERFECT! Thank you for drawing Tatsuya and Jun! :D :D

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hehe here have some koromaru cutiepatootie! i-im so sorry if i messed up anon i usually dont draw animals so -//flails around i hope you like it anyways, and thank youuu!!! it means a lot aaaa //hugs

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here you go hun!!! i sadly havent played persona 2 so i hope i didnt mess them up too much? alskdfj both of them look so hot tho hhh god bless all the persona characters srsly AND THANKS FOR REQUESTING I HOPE ITS OK FOR U ;;; smoochies and runs 

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that’s love, m’dear aigis.